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Dosage systems

Trouble remembering what pill to take, and when?  Our monitored dosage systems provide medication in weekly dosage packs (blister packs) and this ensures that the correct medication is taken at the correct time. The weekly packs ensures that each tablet you need is in a labelled compartment (morning, mid-day, tea-time, bed-time).

This system allows you to keep your medicines in order and prevents any confusion about what tablets should be taken at a specific time. It is particularly helpful for Carers, especially when there may be multiple persons caring for the patient.  Ask the Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician at Walsh’s Pharmacy to find out more details on the system and how it can benefit you.

Do I Qualify For This Service?

This scheme is available to everyone.  Ask for a weekly dosage pack (or a blister pack) when you are handing in / phoning in your prescription.juicy couture replica watchesseamaster replica watch

What Does This Service Include?

  • We use the EASY WAY MEDS weekly dosage system
  • Weekly sealed medicine container
  • Four dosage intervals per day (morning, mid-day, tea-time, bedtime)
  • Seven days supply per container
  • Container is clearly labelled with the dosage instructions
  • Medication is firmly sealed into the pack
  • Container is disposable (as long as no medicines are left in it)

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