Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening Formula – only 20 minutes in our Oranmore pharmacy and you could have whiter teeth today!  Megawhite is not an in-depth teeth whitening. Megawhite is gentle but effective and should be a part of your regular beauty regime. Think of megawhite the same way you think of having your hair coloured, or having your nails done – gone are the days of long one hour treatments with huge price tags.  This is an exclusive Non- Peroxide Whitening Formula . . .  And, does it cost €300.00?  €200.00? €100.00?  Unlike other expensive teeth whitening systems, Megawhite does the job for only €89.99!



Megawhite express laser teeth whitening offers state of the art technology combined with a worldwide exclusive teeth whitening formula, guaranteeing clients a pain free procedure with maximum results. Sound good? Megawhite Express Teeth whitening is celebrity endorsed, safe, fast and effective, pain free with guaranteed results.


Megawhite Blue Fusion is our newest most innovated product that achieves a 8-16 shade improvement in just 15 minutes, also activated by an LED light. The Gum guard has been designed providing greater depth for maximum coverage and air pocket technology. Blue fusion, is the first whitening gel has blue catalyst activator, with photo initiator. Megawhite teeth whitening is available in leading spas throughout the world, beauty salons, tanning salons, hairdressers, luxurious cruise liners and is now available in Walsh’s Pharmacy in Oranmore, Co. Galway, Ireland!


Megawhite was founded in 2003 by leading Scottish Entreprenur Bryan Christie. The company has evolved over the years to become the number one provider of Express Laser Teeth Whitening in the world. Megawhite have teeth whitening locations in America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Russia and throughout Europe.


Offering a World Wide exclusive formula, and with a pending Guiness Book of World Records entry for the fastest teeth whitening product on the market, Megawhite is continuing to grow rapidly.

Everyone will have good results, but for the Best Results ensure your teeth are clean and plaque-free before you begin your treatment.


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