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Flu Vaccination

Walsh’s Pharmacy flu immunisation service aims to provide you with a convenient and affordable way to protect yourself against seasonal influenza.

Do I need a seasonal flu vaccine?

Everyone is at risk of becoming infected with the influenza virus. Some people may be more vulnerable than others and will suffer worse symptoms and effects. Those at higher risk of developing COVID-19 are also at risk of the flu. If you are at risk then it is strongly advised that you are immunised against this year’s seasonal flu strains.

Who can get a seasonal flu vaccine?

Everyone over the age of 2 years can be immunised in all 5 branches of Walsh’s Pharmacy (although some restrictions apply).

Children’s Nasal Flu Vaccine (Free)

For children under the age of 12 we offer the nasal flu vaccination. There are no needles involved in this process and the vaccine is sprayed up the nostrils by the pharmacist. The benefits of this is that it is pain-free, quick and easy. The vaccine is an inactivated live virus, which may not be suitable for some children if they are on other medication. The side effects may include a fever, and a blocked nose. These effects are usually mild and can be treated with some paracetamol (Calpol) if needed. The vaccine does not give your child the flu. The benefits of the vaccine (not getting and spreading the flu) far outweigh the risks of any side effects. For this reason we are following the The National Immunisation Advisory Committee guidelines for 2020/21 and recommending that all children between the ages of 2 and 12 get vaccinated. The vaccine is provided free of charge.

Adult’s Vaccine

Adults will receive the 2020/21 influenza vaccine as an intramuscular (IM) injection to the upper arm (deltoid muscle). Side effects are usually mild and don’t last long. They include soreness and swelling at the injection site, and a mild fever or shivers. This is normal as your body begins immune response. You may take paracetamol if you wish to help these symptoms if you experience them. 

How much does it cost?

Certain groups of people can receive the vaccination free of charge. Since the guidelines are complex it may be helpful to call one of our pharmacists to discuss whether or not you are in an at-risk category. Please see our table below for a breakdown of our pricing. The at-risk categories are found on the HSE’s website HERE.


No Charge 
Patients must be:



  • aged 2-12 years OR

  • aged 13 – 64 years who are members of an at risk group OR

  • aged over 65

All other patients over 13 years

What is my risk?

Everyone can catch the flu (even children). There are many groups of people who are at higher risk from the flu. Some of these groups include those who are on certain medications, those who are pregnant, people on chemotherapy, people with heart conditions. These people may develop more serious symptoms and could have to be hospitalised if there are complications.  If you are in doubt as to whether you are at risk then just get in touch to speak to one of our pharmacists or visit the HSE’s website HERE.

When can I get my vaccine?

The adult vaccine (13 years+) is available from late September 2020. The children’s (under 12 years) nasal vaccine is available from mid October 2020. We can take you details and let you know when you can book your appointment. The appointment times are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. 

How long does it take?

Once you arrive for your appointment, the consultation and vaccination process takes about 15 minutes. You must wait for 5 minutes in the shop afterwards to ensure you feel alright. You should stay in the area close-by to the shop for another 15 minutes in case you develop an allergic reaction. This is a rare but serious possible side effect associated with all medicines. So in total it takes approximately 35 minutes.buy tag heuer replica watches

If you are having problems understanding or reading any of this information or if you need details in a different language then please get in contact and we will assist you.

The HSE have more information on the flu vaccine here.