Most Pharmacies will be closed Christmas Day, Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day so make sure you are prepared.

Check the following list:

Rx: Is there is enough of your prescription medication to get you through the holiday season?

Dates: Check the dates on all medications in your medicine cabinet and replace if necessary

Thermometer: Do you have a working thermometer?

First Aid: Do you have Plasters, Burn gel, antiseptic cream?

Regular OTC Medication: Do you have any over-the-counter medication you might need, such as pain relievers, rehydration sachets, cough or sore throat lozengers, acid reflux products, etc.?

Immune Support: To help keep those bugs away as you spend the next week or so in the wonderful company of your family & friends – ask at the Pharmacy Counter about Vitamin C products and more

We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season from all the Staff at Walsh’s Pharmacy and