Exam Stress can compound other stresses in your life

Here at Walsh’s Pharmacy we have a range of exam stress supports to help get through this demanding and stressful time for students and their families.

Support for the mind, such as to help balance emotions, and to help disconnect with distractions in order to awake refreshed (such as the Rescue Remedy Range – including Rescue Night) or support with cognitive function (such as Revive Active Mastermind and Eskimo Brain 3.6.9). We also have supports for the body (such as Revive Active Teen, and the Vitabiotics Wellteen range of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Many of the above are on sale this month. For one-to-one healthcare advice please ask to speak to the Pharmacist.

If your feelings, or the feelings of your child, are overwhelming and interfering with your mental and/or physical health, please seek help from your GP.

Jigsaw (jigsaw.ie) offers expert mental health advice and support, online and in person, to young people across Ireland aged 12 to 25.