Winter 2020 is on its way and with it comes colder and darker months. We see a big increase in people looking for ways to boost their immune system and keep themselves healthy at this time of year. It can be difficult to find the correct option for you with so many products on the market. For this reason, we have made a list of our 5 vitamins and supplements to help you this winter.. These can be purchased from our online store

1. Swedish Nutra Vitamin C + D

This new range of liquid-based food supplement products is quickly becoming one of our favourites. Swedish Nutra’s immune boost liquids contain vitamins C, D3 and also zinc. They also provide a highly bioavailable form and the vitamin D is vegan cholecalciferol. This is a fantastic option to support your immune system function in an easy to take form. The syrup is orange flavour and is lactose and gluten free. One bottle supplies just over one month’s supply for €17.95.

2. Redoxon Double Action

A staple at this time of year, the original vitamin C dissolvable tablet with added zinc helps boost and support the immune system. Easy to take and fit into your busy schedule. 20 effervescent tablets for €9.65.

3. Optibac Daily Immunity Probiotic

This is an interesting option for immune system support as it contains live bacterial cultures. The strain is L. paracasei CASEI 431 which has been purported to enhance immune response and has decreased the duration of flu-like symptoms in some clinical trials. This is one of the most well-studied and documented of all probiotic bacterial strains. It is offered here in Optibac alongside vitamin C which also plays a role in reducing tiredness and fatigue. The Optibac website offers a detailed breakdown of the science behind these fascinating bacteria. 30 days supply for €14.45.

4. Bioactive D-Pearls 3000 Units

There are hundreds of vitamin D supplements available for purchase, so we had to really think hard to choose one for this list. Pharma Nord’s Bioactive D-Pearls definitely come top of the table. These little capsules contain 75 micrograms (3000 units) of vitamin D3 in cold pressed olive oil. This is a high level of vitamin D  which many Irish people need during the darker months.

There is some evidence that low vitamin D levels are associated with COVID 19 infection but there is no conclusive link made just yet. Still, with a lack of sunshine over the winter months the supplement may be important. Vitamin D is also used for strengthening bones and protecting against inflammation. The pack comes as an 80 day supply which will keep you going well into the new year for €19.95!

5. Higher Nature Immune +

These tablets come in a great value 120 pack and are suitable for everyone over the age of 8. This is the second Black Elderberry containing product on our list. This is accompanied by vitamin C, Zinc and Blackcurrant (2% anthocyanidins). Immune + is a potent mixture of herbal and vitamin/mineral food supplements which may help you boost your immune system. The Black Elderberry is being investigated as a preventative against coronavirus infection but shouldn’t be used if you already have developed symptoms of COVID 19. 120 tablets for €16.90.

Bonus: Zenflore

An honourable mention goes to the Irish company Precision Biotics with their Zenflore product. The unique probiotic 1714-Serenitas strain is designed to utilise the gut-brain link and help with mental balance. It may be helpful to balance the nerves at stressful times. We think this may be especially important for the Christmas season! One month’s supply for €35.95.

Always read the label. These products are food supplements and should be taken as part of a balanced diet. Discuss with your Pharmacist or GP to see which vitamins suit you.