Walsh’s Pharmacy’s shopping website HealthPlus.ie has monthly hamper draws filled with something new each month.  This month is filled with fantastic luxury, pampering VICHY skin-care and Baylis & Harding skin care plus a cosmetic’s bag.  The Vichy Products alone are worth €110.00 and that doesn’t include the travel sized Vichy included, or the Baylis & Harding Gift Set.  A fantastic prize.


Next Month we are creating an EXAM hamper to ensure that the whole family is healthy and in good shape for exam season, or even just coming into the summer.  Sometimes after a long, wet, cold & cloudy winter our stores of Vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals are depleted and we are feeling sluggish and low.  With that in mind, we have our resident Nutritionist, Fiona Flaherty, Bsc, DipNT, NTOI, on hand in April to promote ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ which focuses on any issues you may have, including weight-related. Omega 3’s are good fats that help with cravings and are heart healthy supplements. So for April we have the Entire range of ESKIMO products in a lovely  hamper to ensure that you and your family are in the best shape possible, to help both your body and your mind get in the best shape possible!