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Weight Management

About excess weight

Excess weight is the most prevalent, fatal, chronic, relapsing disorder of the 21st century. It is likely that the increase in Obesity will strain our healthcare system with millions of additional cases of diabetes, heart disease and disability. Excess Weight is defined as excess adipose tissue. There are several different methods for determining excess adipose (fat) tissue; the most common being the Body Mass Index (BMI).  Excess adipose (fat) tissue, or obesity, causes insulin secretion, which can cause insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 Diabetes.  At Walsh’s Pharmacies you can avail of a BMI test on the spot for €2.00.

According to experts, obesity levels in Ireland have reached “epidemic proportions” and affect up to a fifth of all adults and result in 2,000 premature deaths annually.

How We Help

Research tells us that by increasing physical activity and improving eating habits, coupled with effectively managing stress levels, you can better manage your weight. It is important to look at managing your weight over the long term and setting up good habits you intend to maintain over your lifetime, not just for a short period of 3 months or so.  If you are having difficulties starting down that road, pop into a Walsh’s Pharmacy and speak to one of our Staff.  There are many products available to help you get started to change your habits.  We are here to help you figure out what direction is best for you as there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ weight management product or programme.

Here at Walsh’s pharmacy we keep in touch with the latest weight management research, which suggests to look at weight loss not as losing weight, but as Gaining Health (with the positive side effect being losing weight).

The main factors to consider in weight loss are 1) seeing it as a process to achieve GOOD HEALTH for yourself – which will positively affect your family as well as you, 2) Creating Good Habits and Relationships with Food and Nutrition that will last your whole life, not just a quick fix diet for 3 months, and 3) Finding ways to manage your stress levels to minimize feeling stressed so that you fall back on old habits!

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