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Private Consultations with Nutritional Therapist

Fiona Flaherty, BSc, DipNT, NTOI

♦ Mon.  7th Mar. – Galway: Corrib Cntr (091) 561605

♦ Tues.  8th Mar. – Oranmore (091) 792800

 ♦ Wed.  9th Mar. – Spiddal (091) 553201


Sugar is in the news in a big way at the moment.  Is this the new ‘bad-fad’, or is there more to it?  Find out the real deal about sugar and how it affects your body; have a chat with Fiona about what kinds of foods work best for YOU and your body.

The human body is incredible – in so many ways – including its ability to regenerate itself.

Skin cells see a lot of wear and tear, and rejuvenate every two to four weeks.  Hair has a life span of about six years for women and three years for men.  The Liver helps detox a wide variety of contaminants from our systems, helped by a constant blood supply and remains pretty much immune to damage from these toxins by renewing itself with new cells every 150 to 500 days.  Stomach and Intestine cells line the surface of the stomach/intestines and have a difficult, short life. Constantly battered by corrosives like stomach acids, they typically last only up to five days.  The cells in our Bones regenerate almost constantly, but the complete process takes a full 10 years. The renewal process slows down as we age, so our bones get thinner.

How successfully our bodies perform these regenerations is hugely impacted on what we eat.

Food is what fuels our bodies: to energize us, to help us grow, and to help us heal. But sometimes what we eat may contribute to problems with weight, skin, digestion, energy, pain, etc.  

If you want to improve your health, or are on the homestretch with Operation Transformation and need some support, make an appointment today to have a chat with Fiona and find out how what you eat can change your life. 




Did You Know: The Regeneration Speeds Of The Human Body


You are what you eat

You are what you eat